( Laser Native )

“I create music to inspire movement. A beat will start in my head, and will drive me crazy until I sit down and take the time to bring it to existence. Through wires it goes, and is able to materialize through the speakers. But it is not until I get to watch people embody the music through dance that it feels like the cycle of a song has been completed. I want to create music that will take you to the stars and back while helping you both lose and find yourself in the rhythmic layers.” – Vitamindevo
Vitamindevo’s has raised a unique tribe as co-founder of Laser Native records. With a hand full of original releases on Laser Native as well as on Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Deep and Particles. Over the years he has opened and or closed for Artists such as Loco Dice, Sahar Z, Ardalan, DJ Three, Christian Martin, Scumfrog, David Hohme & Sascha Robotti among many others. Over the years he has played festivals such as Symbiosis, Northern Nights, Outside Lands, Envision as well as Burning Man where he has developed his sound. He performs on the regular at Audio one of San Francisco’s premiere clubs, as well as Monarch, public works and The Midway. His label & events under Laser Native showcase some of the best up and coming fresh faces in the Tech house & Techno worlds. The label side of Laser Native, now in it’s 6th year, has been gaining steady support from the likes of Shiba San, Vanilla Ace, Amine Edge & Dance, Golf Clap Intermodal, Hotfire, Rod Fussy, Cosella, Doug English, 219 Boys and Sage Armstrong.
Vitamindevo’s genre’s of choice are Bass House & Techno but he loves mixing it up with tech house, deep house and splashes of wobbles. Music has always been his preferred form of therapy since he was young enough to hear and would spend hours pounding away on the drums in his parent’s basement studio jamming to the sounds of 60’s and 70’s rock. Thankfully he never lost his obsession with music. In college he was first introduced to the electronic music scene in Florida, then after moving to Brooklyn in 2004, he began to be influenced by the industrial synchronicity, depth and scale of New York. Vitamindevo has now been a part of the scene for over 14 years, including ten spent DJing and producing, and he has no desire to slow down now! He has performed up and down the East and West Coasts, at clubs, warehouses, forests and deserts in NYC, SF, LA, Northern California, Idaho and Nevada as both Vitamindevo and his old duo 3l3tronic. He has collaborated with Truth Now, Bianca Dino, Nico Tower, Stillwell, etc. Another past project called Gydyr, saw a bass-focused alter-ego, he opened at the Warfield in San Francisco for Knife Party, as well as being an Insomniac Discovery Project winner in 2012.
You don’t go to a Vitamindevo show to sit, you go to see the speakers explode with energy on a sweat-drenched dance floor where time seems to stand still. His shows are a multi-dimensional experience brought to life with him dancing with you while weaving layers of rich digital components. The only thing better than getting lost in his music is looking up and seeing him dancing right along with you. “I envision myself as the captain of a musical ship and my compass is the rhythm that I use to navigate the heart and soul of our sonic languages.” – Vitamindevo